Why Do We Love Taking Campervan Holidays?

Wooden sign points to caravan and campervan park

As the seasons change and the weather begins to get warmer, many veteran owners of converted campervans will be thinking of heading out for holidays.

Those who have taken a lot of camping holidays in the past will know exactly how rewarding it can be, and are no doubt coming up with all kinds of plans for this year’s jaunts.

For some, the appeal isn’t so clear – perhaps their main experience of camping is squatting in a cramped, leaking tent during a downpour. And if you’re one of those people, you might not be looking forward to setting off into the great outdoors, but perhaps something more along the lines of a sunny resort with all kinds of luxuries included.

There is good news, however, and that is that camping doesn’t have to be cold and wet. When you take a campervan, you not only have masses of space, but a strong shelter, the conveniences of home and a vehicle all wrapped into one.

This is what makes a holiday in a converted VW campervan so comfortable – but the added convenience makes possible all kinds of holidays that would have been difficult or awkward to take armed only with a tent and a portable gas stove.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or solitude, a campervan is flexible enough to provide as you can regard your campervan as either accommodation or a vehicle first and foremost.

That means it’s easy to have a road trip, stopping only for occasional breaks and for each night, without paying much regard to where you decide to stop, eat and sleep.

So, many campervan enthusiasts like to travel the continent, or the length and breadth of the UK, seeing everything on the journey along the way. And then it’s just a case of finding somewhere off the road to spend the night.

With washing and cooking facilities aboard, there’s no need to actually stay at a campsite – you could park at a beauty spot, or even a car park if you need to. And then you’re free to set off with only the minimum of packing up to do.

On the other hand, if you fancy a more sedentary break, you will still benefit from the robust facilities on board your campervan that allow you to be more or less independent from any need to find a campsite – it’s entirely up to you to select your own trip. With so many options available, we’d be surprised if you haven’t already begun to plan your break for this spring or summer.

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