Where to take your converted campervan in autumn

As autumn is setting in suddenly trips in your converted campervan may not seem as attractive as they did in summer. As soon as the rain comes there are notably less campervans on the road, but there is no reason to not head away, just because of the weather.

Think outside the beach

Although there is nothing greater than parking your campervan alongside a deserted stretch of sand and having a few glorious sunny days relaxing, barbecuing and surfing, extended beach trips aren’t as enjoyable in autumn. The surf may be better, but drying off and warming up afterwards gets more difficult.

If you don’t have the tolerance for spending several days feeling slightly damp, then start to think about places you can go that don’t involve the beach. The UK has some amazing countryside to explore – from the Welsh valleys, to the Lake District, or the Highlands.

You will be able to grab a bargain at a good camp sites with functioning hot showers, otherwise face much less competition for unofficial pitches.

Soak up some culture

If you can’t soak up some sun, how about soaking up some culture instead? Pitch up on the outskirts of a town or city that you haven’t visited yet. It may not be a typical trip in a converted campervan, but enjoyable nonetheless. Cities such as York, Brighton or Bath have a lot to offer and are close to some great countryside too.

Head south in your converted campervan

We won’t judge you for being a fair weather campervanner, so don’t worry if the thought of campervanning in the UK, in the rain and the dark isn’t for you. Instead, why don’t you take your campervan South?

It is not too difficult or expenisve to hop on a ferry, or through the Channel Tunnel where warmer climes await you. Depending on where you are in the UK, will decide on the best route for you. But if you can, head through France and towards Spain. Along that coast you will find exceptional surf and much better weather than you will in the UK. Just make sure your campervan is fully serviced and running smoothly.