What Kind Of UK Weekend Break Can You Take With Your Campervan?

Campervan parked by a lake on a sunny day

One of the best things about owning a campervan is the versatility and the enormous range of options available to you.

Whether exploring the great outdoors or taking a short break in a town, your campervan makes it possible due to the pack-up-and-go nature and the ease with which you can hit the road or pull over and install yourself for a few hours.

Thinking about the flexibility you have as a campervan owner, we thought we’d suggest a few of the trips you can take when the urge takes you.

Sunny days at the beach

An island nation, Britain has a fantastic amount of beaches and when the weather’s right, the experience is as good as any you can get abroad – but with a fraction of the time and cost commitment.

Of course, there are the classic destinations like Scarborough and Whitby, but we suggest you try somewhere less tourist-y and somewhere more hidden away. Wales has fantastic coastal destinations along the Pembrokeshire coast that English readers may be less familiar with, and there are very secluded and tranquil beaches in Devon and Cornwall that few tourists manage to find. Bring the wetsuits and bodyboards and find somewhere quiet to park up!

Seclusion in the Highlands

In the Scottish wilderness, the weather is less likely to be favourable, but at the height of summer you’ll have a great few days hiking, biking and climbing – whatever you’re into. With lakes and mountains everywhere you look, a campervan is the perfect way to explore this gorgeous region without worrying too much about the possible cold and wet that would ruin a weekend in a tent.

Historic town centres

Hear us out: you should find no barrier to parking up in a long-term car park for a peaceful few days. Councils consider your converted VW campervan a vehicle like any other. It sounds strange to many at first, but despite the lack of romance in a pay-and-display car park as an actual site, it does mean you’ll be able to explore the long and fascinating history of this country at low cost and without any kind of booking. Try York, Durham, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Scottish Borders or Shropshire for starters.

Even if you don’t find your dream getaway immediately, the good news is it’s so quick and easy to get on the road again – so you’re more free to make up your itinerary than if you took a tent, for example. Why not set out this weekend, and see where you end up?


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