What does a campervan conversion involve?

Although you can buy campervans that are already fitted out, many people prefer to buy a van and have it converted. This is to ensure that their campervan comes with everything that they might need and is set out to suit their own personal requirements. As well as the practicalities, converting a campervan means you can finish it to look exactly as you wish.

A campervan conversion involves taking a standard van and adding in everything that is needed in order to live, including a kitchen, living room and bedroom. Obviously, space is at a real premium and that is why it is always advisable to talk to experts such as us at Cascade Conversions before you get going with your hammer.

The layout of your campervan conversion needs to be spot on in order to make sure you are happy with it. How your campervan is laid out will depend on how it is going to be used. How many people you need to fit in is the main point to consider. Is it just you? You and your partner? You and your partner and kids? You need to ensure you have enough sleeping space and legal seats with seat belts for everyone.

Even if you think that your partner and kids won’t ever want to come along, you may want extra legal seats for using your campervan as your everyday vehicle. Having the option of doing the school run in the van will ensure you make the most of your investment.

Storage is another big issue when converting a campervan. Not only is it unsafe to not have everything stowed away properly while you are driving, it is also very inconvenient. You also need to think about storing some things away from others. You don’t want wet towels and wet suits near clean clothes and blankets. Having some storage space that you can access from outside your van is also a great help.

Once the general layout, bedding, living, dining, seats and storage are all decided converting the campervan safely into a living environment is the major concern. The kitchen area will involve plumbing, gas and electric all of which must be fitted and tested by professionals. At best a bad bit of plumbing will be inconvenient, but at its worst, badly fitted gas and electric is lethal. A campervan conversion is not just about designing and making your perfect space, but also about ensuring the space is functional, safe and legal.