What Are The Best European Destinations For Campervan Holidays?

Pilatus and Lake Lucernce, Switzerland
Pilatus and Lake Lucernce, Switzerland

Plenty of people who buy a VW campervan, or have their own model converted, take the opportunity to leave this little island behind and journey to the continent.

Of course, there are plenty of wonderful campervan destinations right here in the UK (we’ve written about some of the best before) but considering how easy it is to take your vehicle on a ferry or the Eurostar and set out for a whole new landmass, it seems a shame not to at least consider the possibility.

Europe offers all kinds of things that Britain doesn’t – brilliant weather in the summer, outstanding snowsports in the winter, great grub and the chance to meet all kinds of wonderful new people.¬†With summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to start planning your continental holiday.

A European tour allows you to cross a number of international borders every day, but there are several points where you really will want to stop and soak up the culture and landmarks of a specific place. Here are just a few:


France has the advantage of being close, meaning it’s easy to pop over for a quick weekend. The country has all kinds of attractions – over 2000 miles of coastline and plenty of mountains and small villages.

With good food and the potential to spend hours driving through lush, verdant countryside, France is beautiful, whether you’re passing through or staying a while in your Volkswagen camper.


This vast country has a variety of cultures, both trendy and traditional. Germany has some fascinating history, good food and a temperate climate.

The Germans do like to camp and you’ll find no shortage of sites with full water and electrical hookup, even away from dedicated sites. You’ll also find they are friendly and happy to share a drink whenever you do go to a campsite.

Czech Republic

For a small country, the Czech Republic has a fantastic variety of experiences, with mountains, lakes and small historic towns. It’s possible to camp in very close proximity to urban centres, or you can take off to forest and lake locations for a truly scenic break.

The people are friendly and speak good English – and the beer is excellent. It’s certainly worth at least stopping by, perhaps while in neighbouring Germany or Austria, at any time of year.


Though often recognised as a winter destination, Switzerland is a beautiful country for a summer break. With rolling green mountains and plenty of camping opportunities, you’re sure to have a peaceful, scenic trip in Switzerland.

What are your favourite European destinations to take your converted VW campervan?

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