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White VW Campervan ConversionAt Cascade Conversions, our focus is on utilising our 25 years of experience to deliver both the highest standard of campervan conversions (specialising in VW T5 conversions) and the best quality customer service possible.

We’ve personally picked camping holidays as our holiday of choice for many years now and noticed their popularity growing significantly over the years, which is fantastic – there’s something special about camping with your family that we simply haven’t been able to replicate on other types of holidays!

And when you’ve got a campervan, you can essentially just pack up your things, get behind the wheel and travel wherever you wish, knowing you’ve got everything you need to live comfortably with you at all times.

However, we know that campervans aren’t the cheapest vehicles in the world and if you’re already running a car or two, adding a brand new campervan into the equation can start to stretch your budget a little.

It’s because of this why Cascade Conversions was setup.  We love campervans and the benefits that come with them, but we also know that you don’t have to go out and buy a brand new one, as there are some fantastic vehicles out there that can be easily and inexpensively converted into a perfectly suitable campervan for use by the whole family.

In addition to the cost aspect, what’s also great about campervan conversions is that they can be so highly customised to meet your individual needs that you’re going to come away with a vehicle that will arguably be more suitable than one ‘off the peg’.

For example, we can offer kitchen furniture in a variety of styles, numerous different types of windows and elevating roofs and with full body resprays starting at under £1,000, you could completely transform the look of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of buying one new.

In addition to the conversion services we provide, our focus on customer service is considerable and we’re always doing our utmost to ensure every single one of our customers is completely satisfied – and it’s for this reason why we’ve setup this blog!

Aiming to provide you with regular news, information and updates about everything related to campervans and Cascade Conversions, we’ll be delivering frequent updates to ensure the service you receive from us is exactly as you expect and need.

We know how important customer service is at Cascade Conversions.  We really do want every single one of our customers to be 110% satisfied with the VW campervan conversions we offer and this is something we believe our blog will help us to continually achieve time and time again.

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