VW Campervans – The Perfect Bridge Between Camping And Caravanning

The kitchen area in a converted VW campervanWhen many of us look at holidaying in the UK – or even mainland Europe, assuming it’s within relatively easy driving distance – we think of a camping or caravan site.  It’s a traditional way of taking a holiday and whilst it’s changed to a certain degree over the years, the basic principles are still there.

If you’re a regular camper or caravanner, however, it’s highly likely you enjoy one more than the other.  Although some people think ‘it’s all the same’, anyone who goes camping or caravanning frequently will only be too keen to point out their differences – maybe even to the extent where you praise your favourite option and have nothing particularly positive to say about the other!

With both camping and caravanning popular holiday options, what you can often find is those who enjoy them are sometimes looking for something different.  Nothing considerably so – for example, a camper may not want to buy a caravan or vice versa – but enough to make their holidays different to what they’re used to.

And it’s here where VW campervans can prove to be the perfect solution.

When you first think of campervans, you may instantly think they’re closer to caravans than anything else and would therefore not be suitable for camper nor caravanner – there’ll be too different for campers, but not different enough for caravanners.

Whilst this might be the case with some campervans, particularly the higher end options where they appear to be a home away from home, the reality with VW campervans, however, is that they really could be the ideal option.

On one hand, they have the luxuries that caravans offer, in the sense you have a bed, kitchen facilities and an internal seating area.  Yet on the other, their compact space means you often spend a lot of time outside – sometimes because the campervans offer very much an ‘open plan’ option and in other instances because some of the facilities can only be used one at a time (so you couldn’t have a seating area and a bed laid out at once).

What’s more, you don’t have to forgo the travel arrangements – with a VW campervan, you have a vehicle that can be driven around easily, just as you would if you were camping or caravanning.

There are a whole host of benefits to owning a VW campervan, many we’ve discussed in previous blog posts and many more we’ll be discussing in the future.

Suitable for a range of different purposes, we’re confident that if you’re a keen camper or caravanner, but are looking for something a little different, a VW campervan could prove to be the perfect option for you.

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