VW Campervans + South Of France = A Perfect Holiday For All

A rocky beach in the south of FranceFor those people who don’t own VW campervans, it’s so often thought that they’re only useful for people who want to go to camping and caravanning sites in the UK.

They believe people jump into their campervan, head down to a campsite an hour or two away and spend their time in and around the local area for a couple of nights.

Now whilst we’re certain some people will do this, as we’ve talked about before, campervans offer an immense amount of flexibility.  As such, there’s a tremendous amount you can do, creating a holiday that’s suitable for everyone.

It’s understandable if you don’t believe this is exactly the case, as some people might like camping and caravanning and VW campervans can offer a similar experience, but what about those people who enjoy beach holidays, basking in the sun?  Or those holidays that are packed full of activities?

Well even in these instances, VW campervans can still help to offer up the perfect holiday – especially when you travel to the south of France.

There are of course numerous different locations you can travel to in your campervan, but the reason the south of France is so often recommended is because when combined with a campervan, it really does offer something for everyone, whatever your holiday requirements are.

There are beaches with lively atmospheres and there are lakes that are stunningly serene.  There are vibrant cities and there are quaint villages.  There are sites where you can put up camp feet away from the side of a lake, surrounded by families enjoying the area and there are sites in the middle of nowhere, where you can truly be at one with nature.

What’s more, within one day you can get from the north of England to the south of France. OK, it may be longer than a flight and transfer, but aside from the fact you’ll be doing it in a stunning VW campervan, when you also take into account the time spent getting to the airport and waiting to board, you could easily be looking at several hours – and it could even be more than a day if you’re flying from an airport that means you have to stay in a hotel the night before.

Whatever your holiday needs are, a VW campervan journey to the south of France is almost guaranteed to meet them.  Whether you’re looking for something quiet or lively, a vast array of attractions or nothing but scenery, you’ll be able to access it all in your fantastic VW campervan.

Image:  dingatx (Flickr)

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