VW Campervan Production Is Stopping – But You Can Still Enjoy The VW Camping Experience!

An orange and white VW Campervan. By desomurchu on Flickr.
Credit: desomurchu on Flickr

It’s finally happening – Volkswagen has had to stop producing its iconic Campervan after more than fifty years.

The VW van was one of very few vehicles throughout the history of motoring that we really can say was legendary.

Generations of families and campers have very fond memories of travelling the country, the continent and the world in their brightly-coloured, two-tone, uniquely-shaped buses.

But a change in the law in Brazil, where the vans have been produced for decades, has forced production to stop. As the front seats can’t be fitted with airbags, Campervans can no longer be produced there.

It doesn’t seem a fitting end for a vehicle that’s most readily associated with counter-cultural, devil-may-care types in the social upheaval of the sixties and seventies. How would the hippies or the surfers back then react if you told them that the vans would eventually be killed off by the suited bureaucrats of health and safety?

Of course, as those of us who travelled for long summer days in the back of a VW back then will know, we weren’t overly concerned with the safety ratings of our beloved Campervan.

Rather, we loved them for their grace, charm, power and versatility. Whether planning a continental tour or just a quick trip into the countryside, they just felt perfectly suited for the spirit of adventure that dominated those trips.

Here at Cascade Conversions, we work with VW Transporters – so while we definitely feel a pang of sadness for an icon that is no longer with us, we will be continuing business as usual.

As always, we will convert your Transporter into a fantastic and versatile living space, or you can choose from our selection of pre-converted vehicles and find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Though those old Campervans had a certain character and cultural significance that we loved, we also can’t deny that the facilities on board were not the most advanced. You’ll find that we can equip you with much more comfortable conditions, including convertible furniture, stainless steel sink and vast storage potential.

Meanwhile, we’ll be sorry to see a part of our history, and a truly unforgettable travelling companion – vanish.

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