Why are VW Campervan Conversions So Popular?

There is absolutely no denying the cult status that VW campervans have across the globe. The 1960s Type 2 VW campervan is iconic for both adventurers and dreamers. They remain popular and exchange hands for terrifying sums of money and require love and attention to keep them running.

However, modern day VW campervan conversions are still extremely popular amongst lovers of outdoor sports and travellers. VW campervan conversions are definitely considered the best.

There are, of course, factory VW campervan conversions available, but these do not offer you anything like the flexibility that a bespoke VW conversion does. At Cascade Conversions in South Wales, we offer bespoke VW campervan conversion services that you can own your dream van that is designed exactly to your requirements.

VW campervan conversions are so popular, due to the reliability, quality and space offered by a VW van. However, the brand also has a big thing to do with it. Many people have always dreamed of owning a campervan and for many people only a VW will do. By owning a VW campervan conversion you join a rank of travellers that value the fun and adventure that these vans bring.

A bespoke VW campervan conversion is not only likely to be cheaper than a factory conversion, but you can also incorporate everything that you need and nothing that you don’t. You can choose the storage, the kitchen, the bed layout and the lounge layout so your dream VW van is perfect for you.

There are a whole range of features that can be included in your VW campervan conversion, most of which you may not have even thought of. With a bespoke conversion you can sit down with an expert and talk about all the options available and what ones you want in your campervan conversion.

At Cascade Conversions we offer a unique U-shaped lounge that can bring you all sorts of benefits, including fully legal seating for up to four passengers while you are driving. It also converts into a spacious bed and provides ample under-seat storage that can be accessed from both inside and outside the vehicle, perfect for outdoor pursuits.

VW campervan conversions are a really worthwhile investment because they are so popular and will remain popular. They provide you with the perfect campervan for holidays or adventuring and will retain their value. A bespoke conversion will add that extra bit of interest and give you that added comfort that you need.