Top extras for your campervan conversion

When you are planning your campervan conversion you may have collected a lot of ideas from seeing other conversions and have a good plan of how you want your van to look and what functions you want it to perform, but did you know that there are a whole wealth of additional extras that you can purchase to upgrade your conversion at various prices to make your van really outstanding and unique to you.

Starting with the exterior, you may want to add some shine with part of our large range of chrome accessories.  We offer a large range of alloy wheels, VW Wheel trims and stainless, matte black and white sidebars, Sport line Front and Rear Spoilers, Tow bars and reverse sensors and Day Running Lights.  Updating to electric windows may also be a wanted option for you.

If you love camping you’ll like the Reimo Awning Rail and if you have a lot of outdoor equipment you may want an additional bike rack or a Low Profile roof rack. Or you may prefer a Roof Rack for an Elevating Roof with 2 Cross Bar.  We also have external silver screens to improve insulation, protection from the sun and to keep your windscreen clear whilst parked up overnight or for longer periods.

Once you’ve shown off your exterior, you may want to go a bit wild on the interior…..there are just so many options to create the inside of your van that suits your needs.  Comfort, practicality and functionality is the main aim….there is no use having something that doesn’t have a purpose within your van as it will take up valuable space.

You will be glad of heaters if you are travelling in the UK or colder regions and our Diesel Eberspacher Heaters (underslung) are just the ticket.  Your seating options can be altered to suit your requirements, and you may prefer a double swivel passenger seat or a single swivel passenger and driver seat to create more seating room. Having a Reimo swing out table leg and table top can be a great space saver when dining and then putting away to make evening seating room.  Upholstery can be altered to suit, and you may like the option of leather rear seating or leather front seats with an additional embroidery design.  Top them off with some leather rear oversized scatter cushions.  All of these not only add warmth but are very durable and stylish and scream luxury.

Lighting can not only be used to obviously allow you to see what you need to when inside your van, especially in the darker nights, but different effects can be used to define different areas within your space, with brighter lighting over the sink and cooking areas and more subdued or flexible roof reading lights in a particular area.

Entertainment is key when you are spending long stretches of time away from home, and we have a wonderful selection to suit different requirements.  Have a TV and DVD, connect it to various sized rear speakers or pump your music and phone out via Parrot blue tooth MP3 and what about a Kenwood Head Unit? Don’t forget USB points canbe added around the interior.  You can also choose how these are arranged, according to the layout possibilities within your van.

A Porta Potti is a very useful addition, as is an internal safe, especially when travelling abroad or for extended periods of time or if you will be away from your van whilst doing activities a lot.

If you are looking to dramatically improve you vehicles performance and economy, we also offer a remapping service.

Rest assured that we love accommodating all of your wishes when designing and carrying out your campervan conversion to the highest standard!