Top Careers For Campervan Life

If you’re dreaming of a life on the open road, exploring the world in your converted campervan then you may think that this will always only be a dream. After all, your selfish parents never set up that massive trust fund for you, so there is no possible way to fund yourself. Or is there?

Many people from modest backgrounds do manage to live the dream life and spend a large proportion of the year on the road. Modern technology means that it is easier than ever to hold down a job and not have to go into the office every day 9 – 5. Here are a few career options that you may want to consider if you want to live your life on the road:


Some people make a good living by setting up a blog and simply keeping an online diary of their adventures. There are two main ways that this can create money. The first is through selling advertising space on the blog, the second is to review products and services for businesses who want to gain online exposure. Most people do a combination of the two.

It may take a lot of work to get a big enough following on your blog to get start making money, so if you are thinking of doing this, make sure you have enough money to cover you while you get it off the ground.


If you have a very specific and in-demand skill such as a programmer or developer then you may be able to work freelance and get some high paying contracts that may mean you are tied to a desk for a couple of months while you complete a project, but you can then take a couple of months off until you run out of money and start on the next project. Do some research about what type of work you could learn to do and develop a new skill.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, by their very nature, can work from anywhere and generally the work is not very specialist, as long as you have basic admin and internet skills you should be fine. It can be competitive to get the work, so a few contacts to start off would be very useful.

Travel writer

If you can land a job as a travel writer then you have your ticket to freedom. Even better, tourist establishments will shower you with free experiences. However, you need skill, perseverance and contacts to make a good living from this.

Waiting staff

It may not sound luxurious but if you can prove yourself as an expert waiter, barista or bar worker then you will be able to pick up work wherever you are. Working as you travel will enable you to meet new people and have some purpose as you go. These types of job tend to have quite high staff turnover, so places are always in need of someone who is skilled and reliable.