Think VW Campervans Are Just For The Beach? Think Again!

The London skyline showing Big BenWhen many of us think about VW campervans, one of the first things that comes to mind is driving it around the coast, stopping down on a sandby beach for the day and on top of a cliff, overlooking the stunning sea as the sun sets on the horizon.

But whilst there’s no doubt VW campervans are used for making this idea become a reality, it’s by no means the only scenario in which they can be used, no matter how much you believe this is what they were ‘built’ for.

And the truth is, they’re so extremely versatile that whatever your needs are, they should be able to be the perfect fit.

For example, let’s imagine you wanted to take in all that London had to offer, but couldn’t afford (or didn’t want to pay!) what could easily be a minimum of £100 or £200 per night for a hotel in the city centre.

Yet as much as London might be viewed as a concrete jungle by some, there are in fact some campsites within the city and one of them is at Crystal Palace.

Putting you within walking distance of Crystal Palace tube station, in under 40 minutes you can be enjoying the hive of the capital’s activity in the fantastic Leicester Square.

Just one great example of how you could use a campervan away from traditional beach holidays, another that’s particularly popular is to essentially provide an extra bedroom whenever you’re visiting family or vice versa.

Rather than having people sleep on floors or book into hotels, you can park your VW campervan on the drive and you instantly have a double bed available.

A lot of the time when you’re looking to buy a campervan, be it a conversion or a new one off the production line, you do so with just one focus in mind.  Whilst this is obviously great and if you get a campervan that meets your initial needs, it’s fantastic, it’s always good to be aware of just how else it can be of benefit to you.

From making other holidays cheaper through to offering a level of convenience in situations you may not have even thought about, one of VW campervans’ most attractive features is their versatility – and although you might not take this into consideration at the buying stage, as soon as you own one yourself, you’ll realise just how great this aspect is.

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