The New 'Super Cool' VW Campervan

Have you ever seen so many VW T5 campervan conversions on the road? These have to be the new must have in terms of cool wheels on the road. With the weekend sunshine blazing it seemed the magnet for these vans to hit the road, with each having its own unique design, they really did ignite the tarmac with a myriad of colour and style.

VW CampervanSo who is responsible for this transformation from commercial vehicle to cool drive ?

Cascade Conversions have had a part to play in this wave of campervan conversions on the road and with their distinctive logo evident on many of the vehicles spotted, they surely are spearheading this trend.

Based in South Wales between coast and capital this company is ideally situated to service the demand for a vehicle that satisfies the stoked surfer or the urban dude, each claiming their fair share of ‘super cool’ when they sit behind the wheel of one of these distinctive vans.


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