The Many Uses Of A VW Campervan (Besides Camping)

Campervan with roof extender parked in a fieldMost of us with VW campervans are real camping enthusiasts. The perfect blend of freedom and comfort that a camper affords make for a truly special week, month or even longer away from the hectic pace of the modern world.

Suited as they are for some time on the road, there are actually a number of uses for campers that go beyond the obvious. If you’re still on the fence thinking about whether to get one, we hope this list of just a few of them will help you make your choice.

Spare bedroom

Parked outside on your driveway, you can think of a campervan as being like an extension to your home. And since there’s a bed, along with other amenities such as a kitchen, sink and whatever else you choose to have fitted, it’s actually a really good solution to the question of where you will keep guests who stay the night.

Outfit it with a few hangers, an alarm clock and fresh bedding, and your guests will have a private and comfortable bedroom whenever it’s needed.

Home office

If you work from home, it can sometimes be hard to maintain your focus. For a bit of peace and quiet, there’s nothing like getting out of the house, away from relatives and the television blaring away in the next room.

At the same time, many of us are probably familiar with the experience of retreating to the local library to get a solid few hours’ work or study done – only to find we’ve left that vital document back at home.

The ideal solution comes in the form of a simple office setup in the campervan outside your house. With an office chair, desk and a small bookshelf, you’ve created a little den out of your converted VW campervan that excludes distractions and is set aside purely for work.

Stick a kettle in there too and you hardly need to leave during the working day, except maybe for a pace around the garden when you need to stretch your legs.

Hotel room

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective uses for your camper – and if you make use of it, probably one of your favourites!

Let’s say you’re called upon to travel to another city on business, or you just fancy a weekend break in a scenic town nearby. Rather than book a pricey hotel room at the last minute, just motor up in your camper.

There’s a good chance you’ll find somewhere to stay – many cities have campsites not far from the centre – or, if not, you can really just find a long-term car park! Many pay and display car parks permit van owners to stay there for days on end, and though it might not sound as romantic as the Paris Hilton, you’ll be near the town centre and will have your own little personal space to sleep.

For a weekend break in a beautiful historic city like York or Durham, there are few more convenient options than parking up and seeing the town without breaking the bank.

We’ve just scratched the surface with this list – but once you start thinking of a camper as a room or even miniature house on wheels, you realise the possibilities are almost limitless.

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