The 3 Key Benefits Of Campervan Conversions

Black and cream leather seats installed as part of a VW campervan conversionWe get people using our campervan conversions services for a whole array of different reasons.  Some people choose specific services because they’re looking to freshen up their existing campervan, whilst many others have their vehicle fully converted so they can use it as a campervan for the entire family.

And although full campervan conversions are without doubt our speciality and they’re becoming increasingly popular by the year, we still get asked regularly what the benefits are over buying a purpose-built campervan.

With various different benefits to note, the following three are arguably the most notable.

1.  Price

Possibly the biggest benefit that anyone choosing to convert their vehicle into a campervan will see is that they’re likely to save a considerable amount of money compared to when buying a VW campervan, for example, from new.

Prices do vary massively, but when you consider we have fully converted campervans currently for sale at under £20,000, you begin to get an idea of just how cost-effective it could be to have your existing vehicle converted.

2.  Own requirements

Although price is obviously a hugely important factor when deciding on a campervan or campervan conversion, one of the things that sways so many is the fact they can have their vehicle converted as per their specific requirements and to their exact needs.

When you buy a campervan from new or in fact a purpose-built campervan of any age, you’ve obviously got a choice, but chances are you’re going to have to forgo one aspect for another.

For example, you may love the kitchen, but dislike the seating, yet you compromise on it because everything else is suitable.

When you’re converting your own vehicle into a campervan, you don’t have to make any compromises.  You can pick and choose everything you want to ensure the finished product is exactly as you want it to be, essentially providing you with a perfect campervan.

3.  Personal

When you get your vehicle converted into a campervan, it’s yours.  It’s been built exactly for your needs and it doesn’t matter whether the actual vehicle itself is second hand (or third, fourth or fifth hand!), as once it has been converted, it adds a whole new personality to it that truly makes it feel like yours and yours only.

Remember, you could be spending weeks in it every year, so you want it to feel like yours; a true home away from home – and when you’re able to specify what it is you want at every point of the conversion process, you can be confident that a home away from home is exactly what it is you’ll receive.

Buying a VW campervan from new can without doubt be great, but we strongly believe that by converting an existing vehicle into a campervan, you’ll be more satisfied as it will be cheaper, more suited to your requirements and ultimately more personal than any ‘off-the-shelf’ campervan you could buy.

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