The Many Uses Of A VW Campervan (Besides Camping)

Most of us with VW campervans are real camping enthusiasts. The perfect blend of freedom and comfort that a camper affords make for a truly special week, month or even longer away from the hectic pace of the modern world. Suited as they are for some time on the road, there are actually a number

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How We Can Customise Your Converted Campervan

One of the great things about our conversion service is that you don’t have to take a campervan we’ve refitted ourselves. Though we offer some fantastic pre-fabricated conversions, if you have something a little special in mind, we’re more than happy to build according to your specifications. So if you’re looking for the personal touch,

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Think VW Campervans Are Just For The Beach? Think Again!

When many of us think about VW campervans, one of the first things that comes to mind is driving it around the coast, stopping down on a sandby beach for the day and on top of a cliff, overlooking the stunning sea as the sun sets on the horizon. But whilst there’s no doubt VW

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3 Reasons So Many People Love VW Campervans

As you’ll be aware if you read our blog regularly (or simply know a little about our company), we’re huge fans of VW campervans. Loving them for a vast array of different reasons, we’ve been having a think recently about why so many people do love them and the following three reasons sum up, in

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Glamping in a VW campervan

Have you often hankered after the freedom of a camping holiday which offers you easy access to the great outdoors but then go cold at the thought of getting up close and personal with the plant life, let alone any unfavorable weather conditions ?  Well if this is you, then Glamping is definitely something you

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3 Ways VW Campervans Can Make Holidaying With Children Easier

Speak to any parent around the world and it’s highly likely that when they started to look at booking their first holiday with their children, they looked at what seemed like every destination around the world and every type of holiday possible. From villas that you can drive to in the south of France through

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7 Interesting Facts About VW Campers

At Cascade Conversions, our campervan conversions are all based on VW campers, generally the T5. The basic chassis – the Transporter (which is what the ‘T’ stands for) – is hugely popular and is the frame upon which the most popular campervans from VW are built.