7 Interesting Facts About VW Campers

At Cascade Conversions, our campervan conversions are all based on VW campers, generally the T5. The basic chassis – the Transporter (which is what the ‘T’ stands for) – is hugely popular and is the frame upon which the most popular campervans from VW are built.

Are DIY Campervan Conversions Really A Possibility?

Whenever we deliver a completed VW campervan conversion, we’re confident that it’s going to be perfectly suited to your needs. Our knowledge and experience gained over many years has allowed us to – after discussing intently the possibilities and options of a conversion with our customers – go away and develop the ideal conversion for

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How To Decide What You Want From Your VW Campervan Conversion

One of the problems we so often see our customers having when it comes to deciding on their VW campervan conversion isn’t to do with price (we aim to keep our prices as low as we possibly can, meaning our customers’ projects very often come under their anticipated spending figure), but what it is they’re

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Merry Christmas From Cascade Conversions!

After another fantastic year providing a range of campervan conversions and continually striving to satisfy all customers, we just wanted to take the time to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013!

The 3 Key Benefits Of Campervan Conversions

We get people using our campervan conversions services for a whole array of different reasons. ¬†Some people choose specific services because they’re looking to freshen up their existing campervan, whilst many others have their vehicle fully converted so they can use it as a campervan for the entire family. And although full campervan conversions are

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So, Just What VW Campervan Conversions Services Do We Offer?

Our focus at Cascade Conversions is to help you truly get the most benefit possible from your vehicle by transforming it into a campervan that can be used for all the family on a holiday, whether you’re travelling a few miles from your home or to the other side of Europe. Providing a range of

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Welcome To The Cascade Conversions Blog!

At Cascade Conversions, our focus is on utilising our 25 years of experience to deliver both the highest standard of campervan conversions (specialising in VW T5 conversions) and the best quality customer service possible. We’ve personally picked camping holidays as our holiday of choice for many years now and noticed their popularity growing significantly over

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