Surviving Rainy Days In A Converted Campervan

Although looking back on the photos of a series of campervan holidays it seems that all days were sunny and warm, if you travel in your converted campervan in the UK, you will inevitably have rainy days.

Surviving a rainy day in your converted campervan can be difficult, but you can’t change what Mother Nature has decided to throw at you, so you just have to ride it out. Here are a few top tips on how to do that:

Preparation is key

When you pack for your trip be prepared for rainy days. Pack waterproofs, wellies and umbrellas so you have the option of dressing up warm and going out for a walk. A few other useful items are a big plastic sack for keeping wet things separate from dry things when you pack up and a towel that you can keep by the entrance of the campervan to wipe off some of the rain and mud before you go inside.

Ground sheets and a good awning will also mean that you can keep some things outside during rainy days so you don’t have to keep everything inside when you want some space to move around in the van. If it looks like rain, get the awning set up in advance.

Gadgets are great

Although it is nice to get away from electronic gadgets when you are camping, gadgets really are great for whiling away a few wet hours, especially if you have your kids with you. However, wifi and mobile networks can be patchy when the weather is bad, so go prepared with a few DVDs, or downloaded games and films.

Get your odd jobs done

If you need to do a bit of maintenance on the van, get some shopping done or research your next stop, a rainy day is the time to do it. It means not wasting the sunny days and you won’t feel like it’s a day wasted.

Head to the pub

A rainy day is a great excuse to while away an afternoon in the local pub and sample some of the local ales. You may also pick up some tips from any of the locals about where to go for other rainy days.


Remember that you are on holiday and it is fine to relax. You don’t have to be out and about doing things every day. Instead, you can sit back with a book and have some serious downtime. How many other opportunities and excuses do we have for that?