How to stay organised on a camper van trip

In any confined space, staying organised is essential. Our camper van conversions come with all the storage space that you could need and are laid out to maximise space, but you will still need some sense of order. You won’t want to spend your trip looking for lost items and cleaning.

Taking a few sturdy waterproof bags will help you to keep dirty items such as shoes and outdoor equipment separate from clean clothes and will stop dirt spreading through the van. Allocate a space near the door of your camper van to put dirty items.

Whenever you are parked up string up a makeshift washing line outside for any damp items to dry, such as towels or wetsuits. If things stay damp for too long they run the risk of getting mouldy and smelly.

Easy access to cleaning equipment will encourage you to keep your van clean. A soft broom to hand near the door will mean you can have a quick sweep out whenever you go in or out to prevent dirt spreading through the van.

Allocate a space for everything you are taking before you go and put everything away in the available storage space, rather than leaving it in suitcases and bags. As well as that, plan where to stow things when you are travelling so nothing gets broken or dangerously moves around. Have a plastic box for bottles containing liquids when you are travelling. This way if anything does leak the mess will be well contained.

Even with all the available technology, packing a good road atlas is a very good idea. An atlas doesn’t run out of battery, lose signal or inexplicably fail to function. Avoiding arguments about navigation will help everyone to remain calm and enjoy the trip.

If you are travelling somewhere new a guide book will also ensure you don’t miss out on the main sites. You may not get round to using it, but it will be there if you need some inspiration or something to do on a rainy day.

Taking essential dried ingredients will make cooking much easier. Things such as stock cubes, dried herbs, salt and pepper can transform even the most plain meal into something more palatable. A rough meal plan will mean you don’t have to pack or buy too much and you will always have something tasty to eat.

A holiday in a converted camper van is fun and relaxing, a small amount of organisation means that you don’t waste any precious holiday time on excess cleaning and tidying.