Spotting The Perfect Pitch

Having a good time in your converted campervan depends a lot on where you choose to pitch for the night. How to spot the perfect place is a fine art that takes a lot of practice. Any seasoned campervanner will be able to recount many tales about bad sites that they have stayed at and bad choices of pitch. Here are a few things to look out for when you are deciding where to spend the night.


Location is everything. Being able to wake up and be right next to the waves, or the start of your hike, or whatever it is you intend on doing makes for a good place to stay. It means that you don’t have to pack up camp and drive off to wherever you want to be. Sometimes even the worst of sites can seem OK if the location is great. Find out where you want to be and see where you can pitch up that is closest.


If a good shower is important to you, ask to see the facilities before you commit to anything. Some site owners have ludicrous ideas about what a clean and functioning shower looks like.

Likewise if you are looking for somewhere quiet and chilled out avoid places with lots of facilities and activities.


If you pull in somewhere and the first thing you see is a bombardment of signs telling you what you can’t do, pull straight back out again. The last thing you want is the site owner coming round telling you that you’re being too loud, or you have lit your barbecue in the wrong place. Too many rules are a bad sign in a camp site.


Asking fellow travellers for recommendations is a great way to find somewhere to say. You can also hear about where to avoid.

See who is already there

When you pull in somewhere, do a quick tour and see who is already pitched. Are they families, large groups, couples or individuals? If you are travelling with your family then a family-friendly place is ideal. However, if you are travelling as a couple then you won’t want to be shushed at 7 in the evening as your neighbours are trying to get their toddler to sleep.