Plan your 2016 family campervan trip

Whether this is your first trip or you are a seasoned holidayer, you need to start to plan your 2016 family campervan trip now to ensure that you have a great time.

What’s your budget?

Your budget will influence every aspect of your trip, so it is good to have a plan in mind so that you can put some money aside in preparation.


First up, when are you going to go? Are you limited to school/university term times or your work annual leave restrictions? If so, work out exactly when you are going to set off and return and ensure that you can take that time off?


Choose your destination wisely according to the age of your family and their specific needs. Try to ensure that there are activities to occupy everyone….remember that we don’t always have the best weather, and you may not want to be cooped up for the whole of your holiday. Think swimming pools/beach, museums, internet cafes, climbing walls, cycling routes, cinema, historic sites, and so on. Google and check it all out in advance, making a loose plan will serve you well!

Travel Happy

Try to ensure that you can break up the longer journey/s with interesting pit stops en route, again this will depend on your family age range and preferences. If it is your first trip with the family, you may want to stick to somewhere within the UK, but you can’t beat a longer drive to spend some time in France or Spain where the weather is warmer and you feel like you’ve really been able to escape your usual routine.

What route?

Work out your routes in advance and make sure you have up to date maps to take with you (don’t always rely on sat nav!!).

What do you need?

All of the usual essentials, but also will you need any changes made to your campervan to enable you to enjoy your holiday more this year than you did last year? Were there modifications that you wanted to look into to save you time and effort? Did you need to repair your awning or is now the time to add a pop top roof?

When you pack, bear in mind you will have to fit all this stuff in the campervan every time you move or go out for the day….don’t overpack. Sort out all of the essentials first!

Important items to remember include a fire extinguisher, tool kit, spare tyres and bulbs etc and don’t forget your insurance both for your vehicle and contents and yourselves.

Plan roughly what you will eat so that you have enough staples to rustle up something and never be caught without supplies (this will cause extreme grouchiness in all family members which is not fun in a confined space).

How to keep everyone happy

Remember to factor in rainy days, travelling times and things to occupy children when you are busy cooking/driving or just wanting to chill out yourself. Board games, puzzles, books, modern technology in the form of mp3 and dvd players and so on can be a boon, especially with teenagers.

Going on holiday in a converted campervan can be the simplest or most complicated trip that you go on, depending on how you plan and how organised you need to be with the size and demographics of your family. For many people the dreaming and planning about the next trip is all part of the fun!