Where to pitch your converted campervan

Choosing the perfect pitch for your converted campervan can make or break your evening and night. Where you pitch will depend on your needs and the reason for your holiday.

If you are travelling in your converted campervan solo, or as a couple then you may be prepared to rough it slightly more than if you are travelling with kids. If all you are doing is waking up in the morning and heading straight out for a surf, then the closer you are to a beach, the better. Finding somewhere legal to park can be difficult, but you may find farmers that are willing to put you up. In popular spots you will find several basic campsites springing up, where the land owner has a campsite license, but won’t include many facilities.

These spots are great, if you are looking for a spot purely based on the location and ease of access to wherever it is that you want to spend your day. Provided the pitch is flat, you will have everything that you need and a comfy nights sleep. You may also meet other campervanners for some extra company in the evening.

However, once you have children coming along too, how and where you pitch your converted campervan is going to change. Children have needs that mean you are are far better to pitch somewhere with a few more facilities. Once you are sharing your converted campervan with several other people, you will also become much more aware of the need for a warm shower and something else to do in the evenings.

Finding somewhere with basic facilities and somewhere for the kids to play safely is a priority. If you are lucky then you will be able to find somewhere with other families so your kids can make friends. This will give everyone a bit of space outside the campervan and mean that everybody is comfortable and safe.

Wherever you choose to pitch your converted campervan for the night, it is important that you ensure it is safe and legal. Finding your perfect pitch will depend totally on your situation, so ask around and do some research to find those secret spots.