Need A Little More Room In Your VW Campervan? It's Time To Add An Elevating Roof

A VW campervan conversion with elevating roofIf there’s one thing the vast majority of us could all do with, it’s a little more space.

An extra room in our house to store the bits and pieces that don’t have any real home.  A bigger boot in our car so we don’t have to fill the backseats with carrier bags when we go to supermarket.

In most aspects of life, space is something we could do with more of – and when it comes to VW campervan conversions, we’ve got it covered.

Most people get a campervan conversion because they’re looking for the perfect vehicle to allow them to both travel and stay.  A great, cost-effective option for holidays, a campervan essentially means you can live and move without having to leave the four wheels.

And generally speaking, they offer a great amount of room.  You’re obviously not going to get the same space as if you were to buy a caravan twice the size, but when you consider you’ve got everything you need in the one vehicle, the space you do have available is fantastic.

However, we understand that everyone’s needs are different and that requirements change.  What was suitable once is no longer ideal today.

Of course, you could always head out and pick up another campervan (converted or not) –  or alternatively, you could add an elevating roof to your existing campervan.

Giving you more room than you’re likely to truly realise until you see it action, adding an elevating roof to your campervan is fantastic for an array of different reasons.

For example, you’ve obviously got the additional headroom, which is perfect even if you’re not particularly tall (everyone likes to stretch fully in the morning!), but you can also add an additional bed in the space made available.

Suitable for both children and adults alike, you not only get more room in your campervan with an elevating roof, but you increase the berth of it, too.

What’s more, contrary to what you may have heard, adding an elevating roof doesn’t mean your roof space becomes redundant, as there are plenty of suitable roof racks available to ensure you can continue to use the space as storage.

Adding an elevating roof to VW campers is just one of the services we offer at Cascade Conversions, but it’s without doubt a good one!

Able to improve your campervan and the time you spend in it considerably, if you have any questions at all about elevating roofs (or in fact any of the services we provide), don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment.

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