Live for less on your campervan trip

Owning a converted campervan means a you can take a holiday without having to pay for accommodation and save a whole load of money. However, campervan trips can still get expensive quickly as the care-free holiday attitude sets in and you find yourself splashing out on treats and essentials.

The more expensive your trips are the less you will be able to take, so it is important to learn how to budget effectively and stick to a budget while you are away. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Track your mileage

Calculate how much you spend on fuel per mile in your converted campervan and only go the miles that you can afford. If you only want a quick break then there is nothing wrong with staying reasonably local, Just travelling for a couple of hours can easily land you somewhere that you haven’t yet explored. When you are on your trip don’t be tempted to do loads of extra driving, just because you are already conveniently in your van and fancy some unnecessary trips.

Good insurance

Good insurance may come at a slightly higher price, but if anything goes wrong on your trip then it could save you a lot of money. Check that your insurance covers minor things, such as chipped windscreens, as well as the more major accidents and that the excess is not too high. You don’t want to find that you have lost yourself several hundred pounds and 10 years of no-claims bonus over a silly mishap.

Master your campervan kitchen

Learn how to cook delicious meals in your converted campervan kitchen. This will save you a lot of money on eating out. Packing a variety of different ingredients along with kitchen equipment and extras such as Tupperware and cling film for storing food will reduce your waste and save you money. Campervan cooking is not an easy art, but once mastered you will reap the benefits.

Learn the basic campervan maintenance

Learn how to make minor repairs to your campervan and the basic maintenance yourself and pack a few tools and spares. This will save you money if anything goes wrong when you are on the road. It will also save time trying to find a decent garage in an unfamiliar place just because a brake light has gone.