Keeping Your Family Safe On A Campervan Holiday

Going away with your family in your converted campervan should be a very happy time. However, accidents can happen and for some reason, accidents tend to happen more on holiday. Keeping your family safe on your converted campervan holiday will be your highest priority. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

Ensure your campervan is safe

The first thing to do is to ensure your campervan is safe and has enough legal seats for travelling. An up-to-date MOT and service plus a full check of lights and tyres and general condition of the van is essential before you travel.

Take it easy

It is tempting to try to do everything when you are on holiday, as you don’t want to miss out or waste your trip. However, if you are tired you are more likely to have an accident and this is true for your whole family. Make sure your kids have plenty of sleep and make sure that the adults do not drive when they are tired.

Keep within limits

You know the capabilities of each member of your family. It is tempting to push these when you are on holiday, as it can be a chance for your children to learn a new skill or master something that they have been practising. However, if that something can be dangerous, such as swimming or surfing, ensure your kids stay within their limits.

Listen to the locals

Ask locals for safety advice, especially when it comes to swimming or coastal walks. Some beaches may be very prone to rip tides, some walks may risk you being cut off at high tide and some roads may be exceptionally dangerous for walkers or cyclists. It is fantastic to get out into the open countryside with your whole family, but the open countryside comes with inherent dangers. Use some common sense and listen to local safety advice.

Set the rules

Whenever you pitch make sure you set your kids realistic rules about what they can and can’t do and where they can and can’t go. Be prepared to bargain with them so they are happy with the rules and more likely to stick to them.