Keeping your campervan cosy

When you are out on the road in your converted campervan it is easy to let certain standards slip and have an immense cleaning job when you get home. Just because you are out, indulging all your favourite outdoor activities, having a great time, drinking with your mates and not worrying about a thing, it doesn’t mean you can be let off the housework.

However, there is no need to devote too much time to polishing the silver, a few quick tricks will keep your campervan clean and pleasant and ensure you still have maximum time for enjoying yourself.

One of the first things you will notice if housework is not your natural forte is how quickly you run out of plates, bowls and saucepans and just how big the pile of washing up becomes. No one wants to spend their holiday scrubbing dishes and yet eating out at every meal just isn’t practical when you have such a great kitchen in your converted campervan.

Therefore you must become the master of the one pot meals. Find a selection of meals that only require one pot to cook. If you are not one for maintaining standards, then you can cut out further washing up by eating straight from the pot and using the same utensils that you did for cooking (provided you haven’t prodded raw meat with these utensils, of course.) That will only leave you one pot to wash once you have finished eating.

If you really, really hate washing up then the only choice you have is to leave yourself no choice. Cut down on all the cups, plates, knives, forks etc you have in your campervan so you simply can’t build up a big stash of dirty dishes.

The one thing that links all campervanners is their love of the great outdoors. However, keeping the outdoors from coming indoors is one of the great challenges of van life. Having a campervan converted so you can access certain storage areas from the outside will help a lot. As will good packing before you set out. Ensure anything that is used outdoors and any muddy and wet clothes are kept separately from all your clean clothes and bedding etc. Take your shoes off whenever you go in the van and keep a towel and broom handy by the door. This way you can dry off before you step inside and sweep any mud straight out.

Rigging up a washing line whenever you pitch means that you can chuck any wet towels, wetsuits etc straight on it when you get back from the beach and not have them slowly fermenting in a forgotten corner of your campervan.

You only need to do a small amount of housework each day to ensure you don’t have a mountain of it when you get home.