Is Autumn The Best Time Of Year To Use A Campervan?

A white house nestled amongst autumn treesWhen we think about campervans and using them, our thoughts are often taken to the summer.

Warm weather, beautiful beaches, long days and the general happiness that the summer months bring make it appear to be the perfect time of year for jumping into a campervan and heading off into the sunset.

But whilst there’s no doubt summer is a fantastic season for any campervan owner, now autumn is upon us, it makes us question whether the months before winter are actually the best for using your campervan in.

Although we’re sure some people will blatantly disagree and feel confident the summer is the best time of year, the truth is there’s a lot of points to take into consideration that suggest otherwise.

Look at the traffic side of things as an example.  If there’s one thing every traveller has to battle with in summer, it’s the huge number of other people who are also looking to get away and as such, not only do the roads become congested, but the camping and caravan sites get particularly full and booked up, too.

In the autumn, people do still obviously go away on holiday, but with children back to school and the ‘summer holiday’ season gone, everything becomes a lot less busy.

And as a tie-in point here, as a result of going out of season when sites aren’t as crowded, you’ll generally find rates are cheaper and you may even be able to benefit from some great offers.

Another good point to note is that although things are cooler in the autumnal months, it’s very rarely the case that it’s bitterly cold.  Sure, you might need a jacket, but the further south you head (especially if we’re talking about being over on the continent), the more likely it is you’ll still be able to get away with just a t-shirt during the day.

Plus, what better way to cure those post-summer blues than with a trip away?  Whether it’s a full fortnight or simply a long weekend, there are few better feelings than knowing you can leave work and be on your way for a break within a matter of minutes, something that the flexibility and versatility of campervans allow to happen perfectly.

There’s little doubt using a campervan in the summer months is fantastic, but it’s important to understand that you won’t just be able to get a couple of months’ usage out of them every year, as as we’ve shown here, there are other seasons that provide just as good – if not better – of a time to truly get the most benefit from them.

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