Interior design in your campervan conversion

When you are looking to convert your campervan the main focus is on all the practicalities of the conversion. Working out the details of what you want where and how to adapt it to suit your lifestyle can take a lot of work.

However, once you have done that you will then be able to decide on the interior design of your converted campervan. You can choose from a wide range of different furniture and upholstery to give your campervan that really personal touch.

How you choose to decorate the inside of your campervan will depend on your personal taste and what you are going to be using your campervan for. You can choose to match the fabric upholstery to the exterior of the vehicle, or go for a luxury leather option.

What effect you choose for the units will also determine the style of the interior. You can choose from different wood effects or modern designs. If you planning on spending a lot of time near the beach then you could choose a drift wood effect.

You will be surprised about all the possibilities for the interior of your converted campervan. You can make it look exactly as you want, creating a real talking point and impressing any fellow campers that you invite over. At Cascade Conversions we ensure all our interior options are of the highest quality and will last you for years to come.

But it is not just the colour choices that you need to consider when you are converting your campervan, but also the added extras including a TV and stereo. Not everyone will want a TV in their campervan, if they are intending on only using it for a place to crash out after a long day of outdoor activities. However, if you are intending on having your campervan for relaxing holidays you may want to include a TV.

Most people will want a sound system to enjoy nights of sitting around and listening to some good music. However, there are sound systems, and there are sound systems. Quality can vary greatly on different systems. At Cascade Conversions we can install a variety of different sound systems in your campervan, depending on the quality of sound that you want from your speakers.

Deciding on the functionality of your campervan conversion is only one part of crearing your perfect van. You can also have a lot of fun applying the finishing touches so it really reflects who you are.