If You Have A Campervan, Do You Need To Take A Car With You?

A large, American-style Winnebago campervanAt Cascade Conversions, we specialise in converting VW T5s into campervans, providing you with a bespoke vehicle that offers everything you’ll need to enjoy a fantastic holiday, wherever it is you’re looking to travel to.

With our campervans, there generally isn’t a need to take another vehicle with you. As the campervan’s basic chassis is a T5 van, which are obviously made to be driven on the road regularly, there’s no problem doing this when they’re a campervan – you can simply pack up your things and not have to worry about where you drive or park.

But what about larger campervans? Do you have to spend more time thinking about such things when you’re driving one of the much larger American-style vans and do you need – or is it advisable – to take a car with you?

For many, their instant answer to the last point would be no. Campervans are designed to essentially be mobile homes. You can pack all of your things together and drive wherever you want to, without having any concerns other than where you should go next.

And we agree with this. This is exactly why we love campervans – you’re not tied down to any one place.

However, there comes a point where the size of the van starts to potentially become a bit of an issue, affecting the mobility of it in one sense and it’s here where you need to consider what you’re actually going to be using it for, as this will tell you whether you need to take a car with you.

For instance, if you’re just going to be using the campervan to drive to one site, relax by the side of a lake for two weeks and then drive home, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to need a second, smaller vehicle. At most, you may need a couple of bicycles or to take into account the cost of a few taxis.

If you’re actually planning on using the campervan to move between a handful of different sites on your holiday, as well as using it as your primary way to get to all of the attractions you’re looking to visit, however, it might be worthwhile looking at taking a second vehicle with you.

The reason behind this is a lot of the larger campervans – and we’re talking the much larger American campervans – aren’t made for European roads. That’s not to say they can’t be great on our roads, but in some areas, they simply can’t fit down them.

Things like parking, too – a lot of car parking in older towns and villages are only one space deep, meaning your campervan wouldn’t fit in, unless you park sideways across five or six (which usually isn’t permitted).

The reason we love VW campervan conversions is because you never have this problem. Sure, you may not have as many functions and accessories, but you also won’t have the huge price tag (and we mean you could easily be looking at £100k+ for larger, American-style campervans) and will know for certain that wherever you want to go, you won’t be restricted because of the campervan you’re in and therefore won’t need to take a car with you (which would ultimately defeat the idea of having a campervan in the first place!).

But if you do have a larger campervan or are looking at purchasing one, the answer to whether you need to take a second vehicle with you on holiday or not comes down to deciding if you’re actually going to need it – stay in one place and chances are you won’t, but decide to move around a lot and it’s highly likely you will.

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