How Your Converted Campervan Can Change You

When you own your first converted campervan you will be expecting some changes in your life. You will be able to get away more, there will be more weekends away, no sunny days will be wasted and holidays will be cheaper.

However, there will also be some other changes in your life that you won’t have been expecting. These changes may come about so gradually that you barely notice them or they may hit you all of a sudden.

The way you live in a campervan is very different from living in a house. The smaller space, the sparsity of belongings and the outdoor life involve a whole new way of living and a whole different mindset. It is a way of life that campervan owners embrace and one that starts to seep in to their day-to-day life.


When many converted campervan owners get home from a trip they start to question exactly why they own so much stuff when they can survive perfectly happily without it in their van. Campervan owners can find themselves taking boxes of their previously-loved possessions to the nearest charity shop or continually updating Ebay listings.

The realisation that possessions don’t make you happy comes to most campervan owners, especially if some of their possessions can be converted into cash for future trips.

Embrace the outdoors

Staying in a converted campervan encourages outdoor life. Frequent barbecues, eating outdoors and getting out and exploring no matter the weather are all part of a good campervan trip.

There is no need to stop any of this when you get home. New converted campervan owners regularly find themselves grasping at any excuse for a barbecue and investing in some good garden furniture.


If you own a converted campervan and have a regular day job it can be difficult to get away for an extended period of time. This means taking shorter trips that are closer to home. Converted campervan owners tend to pick up an in depth knowledge of their local area as they like to explore all the hidden places where they can take a short break.

Being adventurous on holiday encourages an adventurous streak in normal life, so you won’t leave any stone unturned in your local area.

The simple life

People find that owning a campervan changes their whole ethos on life. Living the simple life on holiday seeps into their everyday life and helps them to appreciate what nature can offer them. Whether this happens gradually or suddenly will depend on the person, but campervan owners will find themselves living a fufilled and happy life that is clutter-free and full of adventure.