How We Can Customise Your Converted Campervan

One of our converted campervans, with elevated roof

One of the great things about our conversion service is that you don’t have to take a campervan we’ve refitted ourselves. Though we offer some fantastic pre-fabricated conversions, if you have something a little special in mind, we’re more than happy to build according to your specifications.

So if you’re looking for the personal touch, you can be assured we’ll do our best to deliver what you want. But what kind of things are we willing to customise?

Everyone is different, and different people look for different things in a conversion. Some people like to take a cycling holiday, while others will want to windsurf.

Many of course would rather relax than go on an adventure and just want to enjoy the simple pleasures of camping, with a little more flexibility and comfort than a tent can offer.

The design and capabilities of your campervan will depend heavily on what you want to use it for.

If you would like cycle racks installed, for example, that is an item that we’re happy to specially incorporate for you.

On the other hand, if you anticipate spending most of your time in the camper rather than taking part in extreme sports, you may well want more facilities available such as more food preparation space, or perhaps an elevating roof in order to stand more easily.

And if you’re taking inspiration from Thoreau and enjoying the great outdoors by yourself, you will probably only need a single rather than a double bed – and we’ll look forward to discussing with you what can be done with the extra space opened up.

If functionality is less of a priority for you than appearance, we are happy to coordinate colours or materials as you wish. Or we can make room for your own furniture that’s been taking up space in your garage.

Basically, we don’t believe there is one type of van that is suitable for everyone. Rather we’re embracing the fact that everyone has different wants and needs and will want to take the opportunity to make the most of the available space, filling it with only what they will need.

As always, we can work with a vehicle you already own or one that we have in stock. Building interiors from scratch is what we do so we’re only too happy for our customers to share their fantastic ideas that we can help bring to life!

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