How To Reduce The Costs Of A Converted Campervan Trip

A trip in a converted campervan is much cheaper than an average holiday. However, depending on how long you go for and what your plans are the costs can soon add up. Reducing the costs of your converted campervan trip will mean that you can go away more often and you will have a better time if you are not worrying about money. Here are a few tips on how to keep your  costs down when you go away:

Travel off-peak

Hitting places off-season will not only save you money but it is often far more enjoyable. Popular tourist spots can become unbearable during their peak season, prices are inflated, there is nowhere to pitch, roads get jammed and there is no room on the beach.

When you are working through your bucket-list of places to go, keep in mind what time of year each place will be very busy. Often if you travel just outside of peak time you get the best weather, friendlier locals and will have a much better time.


Keep well stocked up with fuel at cheaper places such as supermarkets. Even if you don’t need to buy much whenever you drive past a cheap petrol station stopping and topping up will save you money in the long run. Motorways and rural locations always have inflated prices for fuel and making a special trip somewhere cheaper will cost you money. Keep an eye on the prices as you travel.


Take all the basics like salt and pepper that you will need from home, or keep all the basics in your converted campervan. Having to buy dried foods, shampoo, washing powder etc each time you go will soon add up. Make a list of everything that you are likely to need and see what you can take with you, so you don’t end up having to go to the supermarkets and buy packs of things that you don’t need.

Plan your meals

Plan what you are going to eat in advance and cook everything yourself. This way you won’t end up buying food that you don’t need or paying £6.50 for a cheese sandwich at the only cafe in the area. Buy everything before you go or make a note of the nearest supermarkets or towns big enough for a good butcher and greengrocer.

Enjoy the simple life

Being happy to live the simple life is the best way to save money. Enjoy free activities such as walking, swimming, cycling and surfing. Have a bottle of wine at your van instead of going out and find free (and legal) places to pitch, rather than staying at expensive sites. It may not be luxury, but will offer you a fantastic break from everyday life.