How To Live In Your Campervan For Longer Than A Weekend

A lot of campervanners won’t admit it, but as much as they love their campervan and escaping for the weekend, they also love returning to the comfort of bricks and mortar after a few days.

Campervan life is great fun but also requires a lot of organisation and the ability to live without certain modern luxuries. If you struggle to get past three days in your van without wanting to return to your beloved tumble drier and king-sized bed, then you will find yourself missing out on a wealth of possible adventures and experiences. Learning to live in your campervan for a long stretch of time is the best way to make the most of your van.

Pack the minimum

If you are used to having a spacious home then a campervan can feel cramped. That is why it is important not to pack more than you need as you do not want to waste space with unnecessary items and can easily find things as and when you want them.

Prepare for the weather

Nothing can ruin a good campervanning trip like inclement weather. However, particularly in the UK this is always possible. Therefore ensure you have suitable clothing and entertainment to get through a couple of bad days and still enjoy them and the rest of your trip.

Pack enough towels and make sure your outdoor kit is separated from your indoor kit. If you aren’t the biggest fan of mud then keep a broom handy to regularly sweep the campervan and have a box by the door to deposit wet and muddy clothes.

Build an extension

Extending your space is the best way to make van life more enjoyable over a long period. A good awning, camping chairs and a barbecue will mean that you can have your own weather-proof, open-plan kitchen, living, dining area just outside your campervan.

Plan some good meals

Read up on some easy and tasty recipes that work well on a campervan stove. It is amazing what you can cook in one or two pots. If you have a few ideas before you go about what you may like to eat then you can pack your kitchen accordingly.

Choose an appropriate site

For a long trip you may want to spend some of the time roughing it in the wilds, but there is no need to spend all the time doing this. You will never be very far from a camp site with some good facilities. This means you can spend a few days getting your clothes clean and dry and enjoying some nice warm showers. It may not be the complete freedom that you envisaged, but it will mean you can keep going for longer.