How to get your other half addicted to van life

Having two loves in your life can be complicated. Keeping them separate takes time, energy and planning. It can also lead to a lot of arguments and falling outs. That is why it is much better if your two loves also loved each other. This way it you can all get along and create a lot of happy memories.

This may sound unrealistic, but when the main love in your life is your converted campervan then it is possible to get your other love and other half to love it too. Getting your other half addicted to van life is crucial if you want to enjoy as many holidays as possible.

If your other half has not experienced van life before, then a few short, fun trips in good weather may be enough to get them hooked. Keep your converted campervan tidy and fit in some of their passions on the trip, be that art galleries or white water rafting.

Once they start to get into the swing of things then you can get them to start planning and suggesting trips. You can enjoy drawing up a bucket list together and making schemes for how you can both take six months off and head to Europe and beyond.

Soon enough you will find that your other half is completely hooked on your converted campervan.

This is seemingly easy. It gets a lot harder if your other half has had a bad experience in the past or is biased against campervans for some other reason. This is when you need to work a lot harder.

Find out exactly what they don’t like and do everything that you can to dispel their preconceptions. Keep your van in tip top condition, make sure it is clean, smells nice and will never breakdown. Put as many home comforts in your converted campervan as possible.

The next step involves slowly getting them further away from home in your campervan. Suggest weekends away, staying in B&Bs or hotels, but say you have to take the campervan to fit in your surfboard, or bike etc. Once they are happy travelling around in it, you can show them the convenience of stopping wherever you want for a cup of tea or bacon sandwich. Choose some choice and romantic locations to do this.

At this point you should be starting to win them round. The love between your other half and your campervan should be starting to blossom. This is when you can find a beautiful location that has no alternative accommodation and suggest you spend a night there. Highlight the advantages of the location (dolphins, sunsets etc) before you mention that the van is the only option.

Don’t forget to pull out all the stops and pack the guidebooks for future destinations so you can start to get them well and truly addicted to van life.