How to get your campervan ready for summer

The nights are getting lighter and you can now start dreaming of the long days of summer! Here are some tips on how to get your campervan ready for summer:

Whether you have had your campervan in storage for the winter months or you’ve been out on the road as often as usual, it is worth giving your converted campervan a thorough going over to ensure that you will be ready for the months ahead.

Especially if you only use your campervan in the warmer weather, you should check yours all over for any damp. Use your hands (and nose) to search out the inside with a good prod and poke to ensure that you detect any little drips or leaks…especially around windows and seals.

An airing may be just the ticket on the first bright and breezy day you encounter, but sometimes you may have to replace some components, especially the roof seals or any of the interior cushions if they have become mouldy or damaged.

You may need some professional assistance if the bodywork or paintwork is bobbling due to rust patches….or worse if some parts of your van have some extra air holes!!

A complete oil change is recommended along with a replacement filter. And you should fill up the screen wash reserve and check that the nozzles on your windscreens are functioning and haven’t got silted up.

Are all your bulbs working? Indicators, brakes, headlamps….simple but may need an extra pair of eyes to make the job quicker!

Tyres can often suffer if you have ‘rested’ your campervan in storage or forgotten to regularly turn the wheels over the winter months. Are the pressures correct still? Is the tread legal? Include your spare in these checks!

Ensure you clean all of your van, inside and out with the correct cleaning materials. Did you clean out your sink and fridge before you packed up for winter? If not, you may have some nasty moulds lurking that you will want to get rid of!

Start to re-stock your campervan with all of your essential kit (toilet paper, washing up kit, storable food, batteries, gas cylinder). Think about everything you found useful last year, and get more, and hopefully remember all the items that you thought were excellent when you saw your friends with them and pack them in too! Re-pack the items that you put in storage in your house over the winter (tent items/cushions/blankets/pillows/sleeping bags etc) and remember….don’t leave without your tool kit (check that it is all there if you have used it indoors in the winter!).

Is your tax, insurance and MOT all up to date? Do you have RAC/AA etc cover? Need a full service? Get these booked in so that you don’t miss out when that first heavenly weather forecast beckons you to the road this summer!