How to entertain the kids on long campervan trips

The summer holidays are here and therefore when you head out in your campervan the kids are coming too.

Although most kids couldn’t be happier to be on a campervan holiday once they get to their destination, sometimes the getting there can be trying for them. Long journeys are not easy for anyone and when you are young they can get boring pretty quickly.

The last thing you want is for your wonderful family holiday to be sandwiched by two argumentative and stressful journeys. Therefore it is vital that you keep your kids entertained when you set out on your long journey in your converted campervan. How you do this will depend on the age and number of children. It will also depend on how you like to parent your children. Some parents relish that computer games give them five minutes peace, others do not want their children to spend any time on them. Here are a few ideas for your kids:

Journey long contests

Games such as eye-spy can work really well at quelling the boredom for five or ten minutes, but soon everyone gets bored and people start to cheat. Instead, before you set out in your converted campervan think up a game that will last the whole journey.

For example, getting a point every time you spot a certain type or car, or a similar converted campervan to yours.


Depending on the age of your children and at what educational stage they are at you could use the journey to fire their imaginations and get them to think up a story as they go. They can use the countryside as inspiration and create characters for all the family members to get involved with.

Stop off

There is no need to do your whole journey in one go. The chances are that you will be going past some interesting and exciting places. Take your time with the journey and break it up with stops that your kids will enjoy along the way. This will give them something to look forward to and mean that they do not have to sit still and quiet for such extended lengths of time.

Admit defeat with the sound system

For a peaceful journey you will have to admit that the sound system is not yours. Let your kids play whatever music they want, or take it in turns to pick albums. To avoid any arguments on the journey you can get them to put together a play list before your trip. If your kids are in their teenage years they may have strong opinions about music and you will just have to put up with whatever they choose.