How To Entertain Teenagers On A Campervan Holiday

There comes a stage in every parent’s life when they suddenly realise that their darling and beautiful child has changed into an unrecognisable teenager. If being a teenager is difficult, it is even more difficult for the parents of a teenager.

However, there is no need to cancel the family holidays and stop doing all the things that you previously loved as a family, but you may have to make a few adjustments as you go in order to ensure everyone has a good time, including your teenagers.

Campervan holidays are absolutely wonderful as family holidays when the kids are young. You all get a huge break from your normal routines, you can teach them new skills and watch them grow and develop. However, with a couple of teenagers on-board they can suddenly seem a bit cramped and awkward, especially if your teenagers don’t want to cooperate. Here are a few things you can do to keep the peace and keep your teenagers entertained on a family campervan holiday:

Take a tent

If your teenager is repelled at the thought of all bundling in together in the limited sleeping arrangements in a campervan, take a tent as well. That means that they can have some privacy and you can all have a break from each other.

Let them choose

Hand over some of the decisions about where to go and what to do to the kids. They are much more likely to enjoy it if they can have some control over the itinerary. It may not be your first choice, but letting them have their say will make it more enjoyable for everyone and keep them interested in the family activities for longer.

Bring a friend

If you have space in your converted campervan, let your teenage children bring a friend along. It may not be ideal for you, but it will mean that they can go off safely together and they will have company their own age to keep them entertained. They will be much more open to trying new things if they have someone to go with.

Relax the rules

Don’t impose too many rules on your teenager if you want them to relax and enjoy it. Although as an adult you can see the joy of leaving all tech gadgets behind, your teenager may not be so keen to break off all communication with their new girlfriend, or they may not want to miss out on all the gossip from their friends.

Keep it short

If your teenager finds the thought of spending 2 weeks away with embarrassing parents too much to handle, take a series of short breaks instead. This way you can explore new places and do new things and bring away a lot of happy memories, without expecting too much from your kids.