How To Decide What You Want From Your VW Campervan Conversion

VW T5 Transporter campervan unconverted

One of the problems we so often see our customers having when it comes to deciding on their VW campervan conversion isn’t to do with price (we aim to keep our prices as low as we possibly can, meaning our customers’ projects very often come under their anticipated spending figure), but what it is they’re exactly going to have in their campervan.

To all intents and purposes, the possibilities are endless.  OK, so as with everything there are always limitations, but generally speaking, we can meet most expectations for what a customer thinks should be – or what they would like to be – included within a campervan conversion.

So with what is essentially so much choice, how do you decide where to start?

Whilst every customer has their own ideas, we always strongly recommend that you start by understanding what it is you actually need from your campervan conversion first and foremost.

Think about things such as the number of people who are going to be using it and the amount of mileage you’re going to be doing, as decisions such as these can have a huge impact on the other conversion options available.

Similarly, the time of year you’re going to be needing to use your campervan most – and where – is another great point to consider at first.  If it’s going to be during the summer in the south of France, for example, you may be able to dine outside every day, removing the need for extensive dining facilities inside.

It’s only when you’ve decided on such points like these – points that are genuinely going to impact on the basic campervan experience – that you can start to build upon these foundations with what you’d like to have, based upon the budget you have available.

Whilst we’re always on hand to offer advice and support right throughout the campervan conversion process, it’s often at this point where our knowledge and experience really comes into play.

Everyone would obviously like an all-singing and all-dancing campervan, but we know that our customers don’t have bottomless pockets.  Therefore, we work with the budgets they have available for their ‘niceties’ and figure out what it is we can deliver that if not exactly as per their requirements, is as close to them as we can possibly get.

We strongly believe that anyone looking for a campervan can benefit from the campervan conversions we offer.  Often considerably cheaper than buying a campervan from new, they allow you to pick and choose exactly what it is you need – and want – ensuring that the campervan you have is perfectly suited to your needs.

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