How to create an impressive interior for your converted campervan

Yes, you want it to look good from the outside but you probably want to know how to create an impressive interior for your converted campervan too.

You want to buy the best for your budget, as although it can be a higher initial outlay, the interior does go through high levels of wear and tear in its lifetime, so ensuring that you use good quality materials that will last is a good call. Check out what other people have found good and not so good about their vans, for example the flooring areas, trims, the cupboards and cabinets and so on. Also, decide early on if you are going for a contemporary or more retro feel for your van.

Look at the spacing options for your van. Think about what its main function will be, for example, if you are going to be travelling long distances away from home you will want to ensure that you spend more money on the sink and hob and bed, as you will be using these a lot more than if you just sleep out occasionally in the summer months.

Plan from the outside inwards, by which we mean, think backwards from the finished view to what needs to be accomplished first. You don’t want to have to take out cabinets and base structures in order to fit in wiring at a later date. Consider the different levels of insulation and noise proofing that you want. This may seem unimportant compared with how the finished van looks, but they will go a long way to ensure your comfort and a really stress free night’s sleep.

Also consider the colour scheme that you want to work with. Are you going to buy second hand items and install them, and recover, or go for an eclectic mix? If you have children for example, you will want darker patterned fabrics that won’t show the dirt so much, remember that a beautiful light colour may need more regular care and attention.

How much gadgetry do you intend to install? You can build in a lot of electronics, lighting, sound systems etc, but these should be fully thought through before final plans are drawn up to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

Don’t get so carried away with the items that look really impressive without considering where the more day to day practical and functional aspects of van life need to be accommodated….for example batteries, gas canisters, water carriers, storage and so on.

Many take on the job of refurbishing or giving their interior a makeover as a DIY project, but depending on experience and time availability and more importantly the funds, this can be a slow burner of a project. It is great fun to do, but often professionals just want to know that another professional is creating the dream interior for their converted van whilst they get on with other things!

The Solace, the Repose and the Pursuit conversions are some of the complete conversions that we can undertake for you, and of course we can customise any aspect that you want altered to truly make your van bespoke to you and your needs. Because we specialise in Volkswagen Transporter conversions we can ensure that we bring you the highest quality but at affordable prices. Our personalised customer focused service means that we are able to truly take on board your wants and needs when carrying out work for you.