How Should You Plan Your Converted Campervan Road Trip?

Open road

One of the big advantages that a converted VW campervan has over other types of camping trip is that it contains the perfect balance of comfort and mobility.

The great features afforded to you as a campervan or caravan owner mean that you’re in an ideal position to take road trips across the country, or even the continent.

When you don’t have to worry too much about where you’ll spend the night, there’s no need to think about making sure you end up near a campsite, field or clearing as the sun is setting.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily the best option to just pick a direction and start driving – there are ways to structure your trip to save the most in terms of stress, time and money.

How far you take this is ultimately up to you. Are you a free spirit, who wants to be surprised as to where they end up? Or are you a true tourist who prefers to hit key landmarks and know exactly where they are going?

Or it might be you’re somewhere in between the two extremes – perhaps an¬†intrepid adventurer who nevertheless has a budget to think of.

Whatever it is you want to get out of your road trip, you will likely want to take advantage of all the

To pull over somewhere to spend the night is just as easy as it sounds – in a rural area, you can probably just do so at a lay-by at the side of the road. In the morning, to pack up and start driving in the mornings literally takes just seconds.

This way, you can spend as much time travelling as possible as you don’t need to struggle with tent poles or seek out hotel rooms.

You’ll find your adventure is cheaper as well, as you’ll save money in several respects. You can enjoy hot meals more cheaply than in a cafe – and you don’t have to spend money on accommodation when you can get a great night’s sleep in your vehicle.

Whereas a car would just be your means of getting from A to B, your campervan is essentially a hotel room on wheels and so it helps you in every respect when you’re on the road.

Your main needs are petrol, and the opportunity to stock up on food every couple of days. Keep these needs in check, and you can essentially keep living the life until you run out of cash or need to go back to work! It’s something everyone should try at least once.

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