How Can You Cut Costs On Your Campervan Holiday?

Many choose to begin taking campervan holidays in the knowledge that they will save money over trips they have taken in the past. Combining a vehicle and hotel room is a savvy decision that will hopefully enable you to take more holidays, further afield than you could before.

Luckily, making the decision to spend less doesn’t have to mean giving up a huge amount of luxury. With a little cunning and proper preparation, you can take your holiday in total comfort, without breaking the bank.

One of the big factors will be your choice of site. You don’t need us to tell you that a site with extensive amenities and a great seaside location will cost a little more, but the fact is you don’t necessarily need to go all out on your break.

If your converted campervan has a toilet and shower installed, for instance, you can pass up a campsite that has those facilities on site.

Of course, you can eliminate hotels and hostels and the like from your itinerary. In your campervan, you will be largely self-sufficient, and you could even park up in town centre locations if the desire takes you (and local parking restrictions allow it). When you can prepare your own hot food, you will save money on eating out as well.

You can cut costs even further by filling petrol canisters wherever you can get the cheapest fuel, and keep them with you – that way, you not only have a ‘safety net’ for if you run out of petrol, but will also avoid having no choice but to fill up somewhere more expensive, as the needle on your fuel gauge creeps towards ‘E’.

The wisdom of cutting costs only goes so far, of course. Many of us have had ‘holiday from hell’ scenarios where the hotel was only half built, or something similar. And it seems spending more is the best way to do that.

However, some thorough research and a little common sense will get you a long way when it comes to holiday planning.

If you can depend as little as possible on facilities provided by others – such as hotels, public transport and activities – you not only save money but really get to take control over the direction and quality of your own holiday. And what better way to ensure you have as many of the comforts you need on board, than to take a campervan?


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