Glamping in a VW campervan

Have you often hankered after the freedom of a camping holiday which offers you easy access to the great outdoors but then go cold at the thought of getting up close and personal with the plant life, let alone any unfavorable weather conditions ?  Well if this is you, then Glamping is definitely something you should consider.  Glamorous camping or Glamping is now a popular trend with many and a tent is no longer on the packing list but a VW campervan is !

VW Campervan Conversion With Elevating RoofA VW campervan offers the ideal vehicle to enjoy the experience of camping without having to suffer the toils of erecting your tent and setting up base camp – base camp is you campervan.  With so many design options available it is now possible to convert a VW Transporter from a conventional commercial vehicle into a luxury apartment on wheels and at Cascade Conversions we will carry out this conversion for you.

If we start with the exterior panels, these can be transformed by having a complete body spray, with bumpers and mirrors then done in a coordinating colours to compliment.  Whether your campervan is for Festival Fun or for a quiet country retreat we have the colour palette to allow your vehicle to suit any backdrop.

VW Campervan conversionsMoving to the interior – your bedroom, kitchen and dining area. would expect this to be a lot to ask of a VW van but with our expertise and specifically designed furniture we can easily accommodate all the comforts of home into your mobile holiday apartment, to make sure that it is not cramped and constrained but interesting and inviting.

VW campervan

The padded seats of the dining area offer a comfortable space to rest during the day and then fold into an expansive sleeping space at night and if more bunk space is needed an elevated roof, can be easily fitted by our design team.


So a VW campervan conversion really does tick all the boxes if you are ready to embrace the new Glamping craze – it’s the new 5-star accommodation on the open road and is open for business wherever you decide to pull over.

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