Finding the best campervan pitch

Finding the perfect pictch for your converted campervan isn’t always easy. You have to contend with finding somewhere legal, finding somewhere in the right location and finding somewhere with the right facilities. In high season, once you have found all of these then you will also face a lot of competition from other campervanners.

If you are in unfamiliar territory, which you generally are in a campervan, then it is important to know that you won’t be asked to move along somewhere between your fourth and fifth beer of the evening.

Your perfect pitch will depend on your travelling style. For some, the perfect pitch will be at a good camp site with a swimming pool for the kids and a launderette and coffee shop. For others it will be perched precariously on a cliff, overlooking a deserted beach and not another person around for a good 20 miles.

Finding a camp site is a lot easier than finding the perfect off-the-beaten-track spot that no one knows about. For a camp site you can look at online reviews, read their websites, phone up and book. However, good camp sites to get booked up in advance during high season, so it is a lot trickier to find the perfect pitch for a spontaneous trip.

For somewhere more remote it is worth checking in with the nearest tourist office when you turn up in a new area. They will be able to advise on any by-laws about overnight parking and may have a list of local farms that open up fields during high season.

In any area that is popular with campervan owners there will always be a few spots that are perfectly legal and perfectly perfect. You may bump into a few others in these spots, but they should be like-minded. Read campervan blogs and ask anyone who has previously been to an area for recommendations. Otherwise, just drive around and see if you can spot any parked vans.

It is always worth taking the time and effort to check that your pitch is legal. If you park somewhere for the night that isn’t legal then at best you will annoy the locals and you could also end up with hefty fine.