Financing Long Term Travel In Your Converted Campervan

Being able to travel long term in a converted campervan is a dream for many campervan owners. However, unless you are very lucky it is very difficult to finance a trip like this. Some people do manage to make their dream a reality and there are various ways that you can do this. If you seriously want to travel long term then it is important to start making plans now. Here are a few options for financing long term travel.

Half and half

For people who have project-based work it is possible to work six months in the UK and then travel in your converted campervan for the other 6 months. Obviously, job security is a major factor in this plan, as you need to be sure that you can always find work when you return to the UK and save enough to be able to travel for 6 months.

Own property

If you own property then you have the advantage of being able to let your property to guarantee a source of income when you are travelling. A large house or more than one house will get you enough money to live on in a lot of countries.

Remote work

Many freelancers are now able to work remotely via the internet. The downsides of combining this and long term travel is having continual internet access and being very strict about your work hours. However, for many people going freelance and working remotely is a great way to enable a campervan trip.


Many people keep a blog about their adventure and sell advertising space on their blogs to earn some money while they travel. You need a large readership to make this worthwhile. If you are intending in documenting your trip then it is worth doing just for a top up on other finances.

Casual work

If you don’t mind staying in the same place for a while then you may be able to pick up casual work as you travel. Fruit picking and bar work are examples of casual work that is popular with travellers. If you are going to tourist hot spots then you will be able to put your English language to good use.