An extended road trip in your converted campervan

You are a lucky person indeed if you own a converted campervan. You are even luckier if you can get the time off work to go for an extended road trip in your converted campervan. Planning and implementing such a trip is great fun, but you need to be prepared.

Your campervan

Firstly, make sure that your campervan is up to the job. Spending the entire trip waiting on the side of various motorways for the AA is far from ideal. Make sure that the conversion is of high quality and everything is functioning as it should. Also give your van a good service before you set out so you know that your tyres won’t go bald, or your engine oil won’t get too thick.

Your route

Generally people take an extended trip to totally unwind and escape from it all. This means that when it comes to planning your route you should be flexible and not too regimented, there is no need.

Have a vague plan and some must-see stop offs, but leave plenty of room for manoeuvre. You will meet people and discover new places that will change your mind as you go. Some places you may not like and want to move on quickly, whereas others you will want to stay a lot longer than you planned.

Places to stay

Do plenty of research about good places to stay before you go and write down addresses and phone numbers. That way you can relax knowing that you have somewhere to go and don’t have to waste valuable holiday time researching.

However, pack a few guide books as well so you can change your mind as you go.


The lighter you pack the easier it is to keep tidy in your converted campervan. Decide where everything is going to live and keep it stored away. Take plenty of plastic bags to store anything that is damp or muddy away from anything that is nice and clean.

Take a good road atlas, so you are not reliant on technology and also take plenty of medicines so you don’t have to drive anywhere looking for a pharmacy and feeling rotten.

An extended trip in a converted campervan is a trip of a lifetime and you will take away some amazing memories. Make sure you are fully prepared and have everything that you need to stay safe. Stick to legal pitches so you don’t get into trouble and have a lot of fun.