Eco campervanning

Almost every converted campervan owner is a great lover of the great outdoors. Therefore to most converted campervan owner, preserving the great outdoors is very important.

There are several easy steps you can take to ensure your campervan trips do not damage the environment. The first one is to make sure your converted campervan complies with emission regulations and is regularly serviced and well-maintained. Driving obviously burns fossil fuels, but you can limit the emissions. Driving economically will also help keep fuel consumption down and make a surprising difference to your wallet as well if you are going a long distance.

Although you will need to drive to get to your different destinations, there is no need to drive your van everywhere you want to go. Take your bikes so you can cycle once you have pitched. This is better for the environment, a great way of seeing a new place and the exercise will be a welcome relief after lots of driving.

Reducing your waste is a great way to help the environment. Keep a good selection of food containers in your campervan, so you can take a selection of food from home, rather than buying small packets of everything. Good drinks containers, both for your van and when you are out and about will also reduce the need for plastic bottles.

Even when you are in very remote places you will still be able to recycle. Look for recycle bins near community spots in villages, such as village halls, schools, car parks shops. Camp sites should also have recycling bins available.

Some common sense respect towards the environment is all that is needed for when you are out and about. Take your litter away with you and be sensible when it comes to barbecues and fires. Sitting round a fire on a beach is great at night, but it isn’t as great for early morning walkers to come across a big mess in the morning.

When you are on your trips don’t forget about all the little things you do at home to help reduce your environmental impact. Reuse carrier bags, don’t boil too much water for a cup of tea and so on. If you care about the environment then it is very simple to have an ecofriendly campervan holiday.