Dealing with the campervan come-down

Whether you head away in your campervan for 2 days or 2 years, you are going to suffer from some form of campervan come-down.

Heading away in a converted campervan instills such a sense of freedom and enjoyment that returning home to normal life can be tricky for some people. Whether it is realising that weekends are just far too short, or whether it is returning to the office for the first time in over a year, it is easy to feel down when you come back from your trip.

At Cascade Conversions in South Wales we have suffered from some serious campervan come-downs, however, we have also learned to move on from them and this is how:

Get planning

The best way to deal with a campervan come-down is to start planning your next trip. Whether you just sit and dream or get the guidebooks out, remembering that there are good times ahead will help you to deal with the day-to-day living in your normal life until you head back out on the road.

Work to live

If you are depressed at having to go back to your day job, remember why you are doing it. Think about all the campervan trips you can pay for out of your salary. Rather than feel that the office is trapping you, hand in your holiday forms and realise that your job is freeing you by providing the money for your van.


If you and your campervan can’t be out on the road together there is no need to neglect it. Tinkering with your van can be great therapy between trips. You can make changes to the living arrangements, update your cooker or fridge, or rearrange the storage. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it keeps your mind busy and helps to maintain your connection to the open road.

Focus your life

If you genuinely believe that you can never be happy unless you are travelling in your converted campervan then you need to start focussing your life towards this goal. Learn a skill that will ensure you can earn money and travel, work out how much you can make from your property or investments and organise how your family life will fit around an extended trip. People do manage to live on the road by a combination of good fortune and good planning. You can do it too if you focus your life to this goal.