Customise your converted campervan with an awesome paint job

You can completely customise your converted campervan with an awesome paint job, and in fact you can make it look like a completely new vehicle in a very short space of time, simply by giving it a new façade.

If you have purchased a vehicle that is well worn or in need of a freshen up, or if you just want to inject a bit of your personality and make it into a completely unique conversion, then changing the paint colour can help you do just that.

Having various parts of your campervan repainted to match the exterior offers an excellent method of customising your vehicle; mirror caps, door handles, bumpers, spoilers, to give a polished look at a lower cost. Alternatively, your campervan conversion can literally be transformed into a flawless, jaw dropping ‘brand new VW campervan’ with a truly professional finish with a complete respray. The interior can be matched to the spray job in addition to give a seamless look. Yes, you can drive away your van as if you have just bought it brand new from the showroom.

If you really want to make your van unique and really noticeable, you may want to give it some personality with a custom paint job. Remember, that to get the ultimate awesome paint job for your converted campervan, you really need to leave it to the professionals to achieve on your behalf. This is one area of campervan conversion where little faults really show up, and not in a good way.

Ensure that you choose professionals who are experienced in their practice. There is more to the process than just respraying, obviously. There is a lot of groundwork to prepare the bodywork for spraying so that the finish is picture perfect, durable and will give you the best return for your investment.

Expertise is required to prepare your vehicle in the best way and also to help you as the person who will have to live with the colour scheme forever to choose the correct paints and colours for your particular needs. At Cascade Conversions we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and can help you achieve the look you desire for your campervan.