Coolest features for a converted campervan

There are endless possibilities for how best to convert your campervan to suit your needs, the only limitations being your imagination, and probably your budget! You can gather your ideas when you look at converted campervans at car shows, in magazines and local meetings, and get inspired. If you’re looking for some ideas for ways in which you can alter the interior to give it the wow factor you desire. Here are just three of the coolest features for a converted campervan:


If you will be spending a lot of evening time in your converted campervan, you will want some lighting that will bring a bit of atmosphere and ambience to your escape. Because of the amazing range of state of the art LED technology, you can really change the mood and comfort of your van very quickly and make different areas of your van stand out. Some like disco style lighting that can be turned on for a party scene, others some more subtle hidden mood lighting, or have a ceiling full of LED starlight. You could go for an elegant minimalist design which blends in or by using funkier fittings make a feature of your lights.


Bold and patterned with a surf style, or more classic with a leather or fabric material you can transform the inside of your van to suit your dream vision. Depending on how you have converted your campervan you can, in a similar way to with the lighting, delineate different areas according to the colours and fabrics used, with more utilitarian ones in the harder working seating areas and softer and more plush fabrics if you have a pull or fold out area that will be kept cleaner. Don’t forget your walls and flooring materials, as these can really help with insulation and soundproofing, as well as looking the part.

Sound systems

Modern technology lends itself perfectly to kitting out your van with a sleek and stylish music system. You can integrate a DVD player MP3 player, a TV along with your radio in the dashboard and build your speaker systems into the whole of the van so that your entertainment really is all encompassing. Try to plan where you will want all of your electrical features in the planning stage of your campervan conversion so that you don’t have to waste time and money removing panels to do more complex wiring when you’ve already got everything in place.

Each converted campervan is unique once you have started altering the lights, furnishings and sound systems, these are just three of the coolest features that you can tweak to your own designs and will certainly be great investments.